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About the Founder

Dear Choice Friend

Working in the health care profession for the past 14 years has opened my eyes to so many hurting people.

I know the effects of being overweight and how it can negatively impact your entire life. This includes your physical activities, your health, your self esteem, your confidence, your image and your lifestyle.

Health and fitness are both personal passions of mine. It is gratifying to know that I can help someone achieve what seemed to be an unreachable goal and a more fulfilling life.

Choice is a system that gets RESULTS. This program has helped many people, including myself, not only to lose weight but discontinue the use of certain medications, decrease pain in arthritic joints, improve daily function, and restore life with family and friends.

Choice looks forward to helping you achieve your goals and getting the RESULTS you desire.

Thank you for becoming part of our CHOICE family
We are here to help you!

(706) 638-5983

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